FREE red smashing mantis shrimp


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Hah! I finally caught "Evil" and he is in a soda bottle of saltwater, waiting for a new family.

I live in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater area and would like for you to come and get him. He is red and about 4" long.

I could ship him, I suppose, from work, but you need to pay for shipping.

PM me if you want a FREE evil mantis shrimp.


P.S. He is not really evil, but we gave him that name because of all the snails he has eaten. We have had him for 8 months, as he was a hitchhiker on my Tampa Bay Saltwater lr.

First come, first served : )
Mantis shrimp has a home

Mantis shrimp has a home

Glad you are able to come and get "Evil". I am sure he will be happy with your family.

Evil has taken well to his new accomodations.
Has checked out the tank and the different holes in the rockwork all morning, but I think he finally chose one.
It seems as he/she will be happy there.