FS: 30g Oceanic Tank and stand


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I'm finally coming to grips with selling my 30g tank. It's been a garage decoration for over a year and it's not doing anyone any good. The tank is drilled for an overflow on the back pane and the back is painted black. I also painted the rims black and there is a little chipping, especially on the top rim. The tank is used, so a few scratches are to be expected, but I'd set it up in my house if I had the space.

The stand holds a 20g sump (not included) and weighs a ton. It's 1x4 framed and skinned in 3/4" oak. The skin isn't structural, so it can be removed and re-stained or replaced. The doors are on sliders and open out. It's not a perfect piece of furniture, and suffered a few scratches during the move, but it got quite a few compliments when it was in the house. The top probably could be replaced to be a little more solid, but it's safe and held the filled tank for around a year. I'd probably do a little work on the stand if I brought it in the house to address the aforementioned deficiencies, but it wouldn't be a large project. For that reason, I'm not really asking much on top of the tank for the stand.

Tank on stand before paint

Link to build album

I'll help you load it up on a truck, but will need it to be picked up. This week would be best and I'll be out of town after next week. I'm basically on the MWC/Choctaw border.

$120, firm.