FS: GEO skimmer


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I have a GEO recirc skimmer for sale that I had on my 210gal system. I've replaced this unit with a bigger system due to adding more water volume.

Dimentions: footprint 13" X 18"
Reaction chamber: 18" tall X 8" diameter
Collection cup: 8" x 5"tall
Neck: 4.5"
Pump: Sedra 9000
Inlet: 1"
Outlet: 1.5"


Asking $425.00
PM me if you are interested


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=14184345#post14184345 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Teddy Ballgame
So is the total height 18"?
How much room do you need to take the collection cup off?

Looks to be 30.5 inches tall 18 was just the reaction chamber and 8 for the cup and 4.5 for the neck If I had to guess it almost looks like little clearance is needed to remove the cup


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GEO's cups are pretty easy to get off. Just unscrew the union and lift or slide sideways. I would say 1/2" would be sufficient. However, keep mind you need a little bit of space so the air can leave the cup lid as well.


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I forgot to measure the total height and I'l be home Wednesday. The cup need about 1/2" just enough to unscrew the union. Very easy and fast to clean. I could shut it down with my controller, remove the cup, clean it and put it back on before my controller would kick back on, about 2.5 minutes. My opinion is that the harder something is to clean the less often it gets done.

I'll measure the total height tomorrow.