FS: Large healthy mystery wrasse


It's Dr. Goodluck Himself
It is caught and safe and ready to go. Pretty much needs to be this evening.
I am in Oak Park

4"+ and fat.

$60 or will consider trade for mix of good sized sps esp milles


It's Dr. Goodluck Himself
Apologies to Mike, aka reef freek, who came a LONG way to a waste of time. Heartbroken by a fish that must have totally spazzed out and killed itself in the bottle trap today.

Followed advice to leave him in trap in bottle today. There were holes and water movement. But his mouth and head were on inspection badly wounded. Must have violently struggled.

Gorgeous fish dead, Mike led astray.

Not my M.O. Man. When my sps get going, will let you know. First dibs on frags...


It's Dr. Goodluck Himself
Wish I could delete a post above. Sigh.

Daniel, yeah. But they are pretty aggressive like 6-lines. I did not know this. Really liked the guy though and ticked off that this happened.


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Mine is a model citizen so far (only have had him for 4 months so far), no shrimps though, no smaller than him fish neither in my tank. Well my dwarf angelfishes are similar size but he does not pay attention to them (so far at least).