FS: Mantis Shrimp


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I caught the little bugger 6-9 months ago when I re-aquiscaped my tank. I have had him in a little .5 G pico tank. He eats pellets, frozen, and live (snails, crabs, etc.) foods. It is about 3" long now. I wish I had a good pic of him but the pico he is in is rounded and distorts the shots.

$20 for mantis shrimp
$20 for .5G pico tank he is in (w/pump no lights)

He is not exactly like this guy, but close (stole pic from google )


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@skunkmere I have only see him kill 1 crab, and he hitting (making popping sound) it. So I would assume it is a smasher.


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If it's a peacock (as pictured) it's a smasher. Eventually will need a bigger tank than the pico he's in now.


They're a lot of fun, and very cool, will ignore most inverts other than crabs (IME) except for right before a molt, in which case you should up feedings because then no invert is safe, I've had mine take out snails of all kinds, starfish, urchins etc. Just upped mine's feeding when she started building a lot more and showing signs of molting.


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IME with O. scyllarus nothing is really safe.

My current one killed one sand sifting star just for hanging around the hole, ate every peppermint I tried to put in the tank for aiptasia control (I'm using berghia nudis now), ate all sorts of crabs, and is now moving on up to bigger snails like turbos as it's growing.

On the plus side, it seems to have outgrown hunting smaller snails.


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Very nice. i currently have one in my 150 DT. doesn't bother small crabs. i feed it live cray fish and some shrimp. My fish swim right up to him and he moves away. the other day. the mantis was swimming.g in the open. and my hippo tang was trying to hit him with the tail. so i had to tap on the glass. i don't think the hippo knew who he's messing with.
the mantis i have is a male peacock and its 5" ;)


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Mantis is pending pickup

@marius you are very lucky to have one that plays well with others.