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Team RC
I'm in the process of selling off the rest of my livestock and once gone I'll be breaking down tank and will have this available.

A) 60g cube (24x24x24, this is my DT) with custom Artfully Acrylic Lid and a custom stand and sump made by Mike/thegrun. Sump has multiple and adjustable chambers including a refugium, ATO top off and three dosing containers. Also included is a double media Reactor. Stand has been started to be sanded down in preparation for new paint or stain and doors have been removed....$400





B) 50g cube (Cadlights, 24x24x20, glass has moderate scratches ) screen top and plumbing with a basic cabinet stand and 2 dj strips attached and a basic 2 chamber sump. This would make a great qt.......$150. The tank is in the garage and would require some digging to get to so I haven't provided pics but it's center overflow.


C) 8 bulb ATI dimmable sunpower with new bulbs 6b+ 1c+ 1 p+, 2 reefbrites one tech and one xho blue mounted on unit both reefbrite have inline dimmers. The t5 bulbs are recently changed over a period of time from mid march to a week ago. One bulb reflector is slightly dented....$600



D) a two bulb Coralife t5 fixture i used once a year to burn in new bulbs before installation in the main fixture....$20


E)custom orphek led strip, sky blue royal blue and uv mixed, also lightly used.....$100



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Team RC
F) Pax Bellum ARID N18, comes with bnib newer light tube unit with Pax Bellum quick disconnects that needs to be installed and sicce pump. This is the original first run reactor....$275



G) Ebo Jaeger heater, i think 300 watts but not certain....$15

H) Jebao dc6500 return pump....$35

I) Ecotech Vectra m1 brand new, pump has never touched water....$250

J) Tunze 6095, wide flow, about a year old...$150


K) Almost new bucket Tropic Marin pro reef salt, have used it for 4 5g water changes, so about 180 g of salt left.....$75

L) Aquamedic fish trap....$65


M) Acclimation box made by Elite Aquatics, 12x6x6....$45


N) test kits, Salifert, NYOS and Hanna, NO3, PO4, Ca, Mg, Alk, ...$50 for all or will establish prices if broken up

O) GHL SA 4 pump doser, older version (non wifi). Great doser that unlike the BM doser, can be calibrated....$150 or $160 with 3 ultra slim dosing containers added in.



P) Bubble Magus Doser, two ports work, third needs a new motor but two extra heads come with it and the mother board was replaced about a year ago plus us plastics ultra thin containers...$35 or $45 with the 3 ultra slim dosing containers added

Q) New unopened 7# bags BRS Soda Ash & CaCl, one each $20ea


R) BNIB Apex EB8.....$135


S) Avast Marine top down porthole....$25

T) Top down porthole for cellphone.....$25

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Team RC
I will ship Priority Mail at buyers expense.

I will hold equipment presently being used with PayPal deposit until pickup/shipped or full PayPal payment if available now until pickup/shipping


Team RC
Dosing containers....$15 for the 3 or an additional $10 with either of the dosers



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Team RC
I'm located in Palmdale as it shows under my username. Please don't ask me to text you only for you to ask me where I'm located only to send another one telling me that I'm far. I work and don't have this time to waste. I've also offered shipping. Thanks in advance


Team RC
The flame hawk, inverts (gold CBS, Mithras crab, a hermit maybe two and a few snails) and the rock which is a mixture o natural and Real Reef are back on the market. Some of the rock has Zoas like UC and I think a mindbllowing as well as a tiny patch of leptoseris. Take it all for $50 OBO.


Team RC

60g 24" rimless cube, Custom built Artfully Acrylic lid with feed door, custom stand and sump with ATO chamber, dosing chambers, refugium and BRS double Reactor plumbed in. Stand has fans wire holders and light. I will also include in the purchase a Cadlights 50g 24" cube with screen top, stand, sump and plumbing. This would make a great qt.

Take it all. $350


Team RC
Pax Bellum ARID Reactor -SOLD
Avast Portholes (both) - SOLD
Orphek 60 light bar -SOLD
Vectra - SOLD
Tunze 6095 - SOLD