Fuge Spectrum


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Just wanted some expert's opinions on spectrum of fuge lighting best for growing Chaetomorpha/Prolifera etc. I'm going with Power Compact as the type of light. A link to a good price would be appreciated.. Thanks for the Help.....
From what Ive heard a Lower more red spectrum seems to be recomended but, many fuges are lit with actinics or mixed spectrum just like tanks. I know someone who grows tons of Chaet. under one daylight and one actinic [130 watts]. I'll probably go with 2 55w PC 6500k's...Opinions would be welcome..........
Most 6500k bulbs give the best spectral output ;) For a fuge I'm fond if Home Depot PC light conversions using the outdoor floodlights :D They're cheap, come with a 6500k PC bulb and and a weather resistant housing ;) Might look a bit ugly, but for the typical fuge hidden under a stand or behind the tank, who cares :spin3:
I recently purchased a Custom Sealife PowerCompact fixture (48 inches) for my new 55 gallon refugium. This unit comes with:

1- 6700K Daylight bulb
1- 7100K Blue bulb

Each bulb @ 65 watts

On sale now at Marine Depot for $118.95 (Fixture and bulbs)
Well, here is what I have found.

I was running a JBJ 36w 50/50 PC light over a 30 gallon (with about 15-20 gallons of water trying to grow Chaetomorpha.

I had NO luck p the Chaetomorpha was shrinking.

Last week, I added 110w 10000K PC lights.

My Chaetomorpha has more than doubled in size in a week.
I've found both of these growing in deep water and in a foot or so.
They will adapt easily to most spectrums. Most macro's will generally.

You'll get the best growth per watt ratio in the 5-6700K range.

Tom Barr