? gallon pico tank build


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Hey guys, I think I want to make my self a little pico tank. I drew up some bad prints for it.


I think I should add a little mini wall/ bubble trap thing in between the return and the fuge?


I am thinking 10'' tall 10'' wide, and 14'' deep

Also I am hoping to light it with cold cathode lights, like from computers, if any one has had luck keeping corals alive with them, please respond. If they wont work, I may bump it up to 12'' wide, and use coralife CP lighting, what DO YOU THINK. Acrylic by the way.


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Have a 5.5 with cold cathode lighting. The bulbs are 12" long and with wiring you'll need 13". Here are the bulbs retrofitted in an old coralife reflector, been using this lighting since August.


Here is the fixture retrofitted into a hood,


and here's the tank,


In the sump I'd suggest an additional "under" baffle before the "over" baffle to dissipate bubbles from the drain.