Gemini powerhead.

Rick O

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Hi Jason,

There has been some interest on the board in the Gemini powerheads made by Aquarium Products. The only place I've ever seen these for sale is That Pet Place. As far as I know they don't have them in stock though. Do you think you could get these pumps. I would like two of them.

Hi Rick,

I haven't been able to find buying info on that powerhead yet. You don't have the manufactures number do you?

I have wanted these power heads for some time also. Everytime I inquire at That Pet Place, they are on backorder. I would buy 2 right now if someone had them. :D
I too have been interested in these pumps.

I am planning a 350g tank and this is an attractive alternative to buying large return pump(s) to get good tank circulation.....

I would like in the future to buy the Gemini power head. I think they give the most bang for the buck.




I believe the Gemini is imported by Aquarium Products,
Glen Burnie Md. 800-368-2507.

I would like to stay loyal as possible to premiumaquatics but in the event they decide not to carry them:

On 8/31/01 I recieved a message from mailing list that they will soon be carrying them.....

"New Products!
Gemini external powerhead (up to 960gph) - available soon"
don't Worry I'm sure Jason at Premium won't let the guys at reeffanatic beat him to the punch.

Jason Day
I have two Gemini powerheads on order from a MO that I have never heard of :eek2: . They are due in tomorrow and I will keep you informed of my progress. Reeffanatic and other places didn't have them in stock and weren't expecting them for 2 more weeks. I will give the name once I actually "see" the pumps.