General Seagrass Question


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I've got tons 'o macros in my tank, but I've never tried seagrass. Looks kinda cool. Got a big open space in the middle that'd make a good "lawn". What type of tank conditions favor seagrass growth ie flow amounts, lighting, nutrient loads etc...?
That's one of the main reasons this forum was started--not necessarily to provide answers but to actually try and figure some of them out! Truth be told, seagrasses are quite difficult: they are a much more advanced plant than macros and caluerpas. THey can do well in some systems, and completely fail in others.

The key seems to be in providing them with enough nutrients(from the sediment, since they take it in through their roots) which we can't seem to do well enough. Herein lies the problem...and the challenge...and the forum to discuss failures, sucesses, and possibilities.
I find for turtle grass (Thallasia testudinum) and widgeon grass (Ruppia maritima) that organic rich sediments are important. Old DSB's seem to support sea grass growth the best. In newer beds (less than a year old) I've had luck using Jobe's plant spikes placed at the root nodes. From my experiences diving and in tanks I find that either do well in a moderate to strong current, and widgeon will grow in nearly stagnant low flow salt ponds as well. Lighting is a little variable. VHO's, PC's and MH's will all work for turtle grass, with widgeon grass seeming to prefer lower lighting.
So, sea grass is NOT a viable option in a tank with a typical aragonite sand bed right? I'd have to plant with miracle mud or the like and potentially add fertilizer (jobes stick), huh?
What do you call "typical" arragonite? So many varieties these days. I would consider the size often recomended for plenum set ups to be the max in grain size that would work, but would consider fine sand the best. Muds would work and can be quite an interesting set up on thier own, but are not necessary.
What I've got is a central area in my tank that has a sugar size grain (Caribsea Aragamax select) bed. It that a good substrate or not? It's got all kinds of stuff growing in it worm wise and I'd imagine micro stars etc...
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