Geometrical Hawk Fish


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I think this is a really cool little fish!

I prefer cryptic fish anyway, and from what I've read these guys are hiders!?

Actually, I had never seen one in a LFS so I ordered one this weekend online...only to find one today at a LFS! The owner said she's had him in the tank for months but took the price off the glass because he's NEVER out except to feed.

What's been your experience?

Reef Frog

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I've had one for about 6 months. It actually isn't a Hawkfish and is also referred to as an Unarmed Perchlet. It spends it's time low in the tank sitting on the sand bed or low rocks. I've never seen it high in the tank and it's not an open water swimmer.

It is somewhat cryptic but will often sit in plain sight, but at other times it's hiding somewhere deep in a crevice unseen. It always comes out at feeding time and needs small sized food. Mine wont catch or pursue food in the open water any higher than about 4 inches above its head but it will gladly swim around the bottom wherever the food happens to be. I feed it via a turkey baster with small frozen Mysis or minced Reef Frenzy (shrimp, clam, sqid mix), shooting the food near it.

It usually establishes a few regular hiding places that it will visit throughout the day. Over time as it will show itself more often and is always visible at feeding time. Mine is in a 65g with Yellow Assessors, Royal Gramma, Firefish, Yellow Clown Goby & Swiss Guard Basslet. It's very peaceful and doesn't bother a thing and the other fish pay it no attention. It's an enjoyable small fish with nice colorstion. Due to its small size and perching habits it is an ideal candidate for those wanting an appropriate fish for a nano tank at the lower end of the volume range.