Getting out for a bit.. Stuff for Sale


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Time to tend to & care for the aquarium seems to be shrinking every week for me. Figured it's time to step away for a bit until life settles down some. Decided to sell some of the things that I have...

24" Coralife Lunar Aqualights 2x65w PC with 2 Blue LED moonlights.. 3 power switches to independently control each of the PC bulbs, and the moonlights. Works perfectly.. never had any problems with it. Paid $100 for it, will let it go for $50 with the legs, and used bulbs.

comes with used bulbs of about 5 months now.. a coralife 50/50 and a coralife actinic. Believe I also have some other used bulbs(10k) around in the basement and will throw those in as well if i can find them. heres a link to the adjustable mounting legs for this fixture-- which allows you to flip up the fixture for access into the tank! They're the black ones on that page.

for livestock i have >>>

$20 for the pair ~ 2 black oscallaris clownfish that I bought from JP about a year and a half ago! Great clownfish! One has been hosting in a frogspawn frag while the other had been hosting in a BTA before I parted with that. $20 for the pair

$20 ~ flame angel that I bought from Jim's Aquarium Conservation in Cromwell. Beautifully colored fish! Never had a problem with it nipping at any of the corals when I had my reef set up! Loves to eat! $20 for 'him'


a few pics of the fish can be found by clicking the following links
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will keep everybody in mind for the fish if anything changes! :D
Light fixture is still up for grabs! I'm going to look around after class to see what else I have.


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found that besides the 50/50 and the actinic bulbs in use on the fixture, i also have a 10k and another 50/50 bulb.. so 4 bulbs total with it.. all used though.


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ok that was my attempt to be funny, the fish deal is going thru, and i wonder if anyone will get my reference in the prev post..


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fish are doing great, best of all the clowns stay our front all the time, the angel most of the time.......thanks again, and thanks for the food.....