Gigas Clam Blues


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I posted several weeks ago. I have had a Gigas (believe that is its name) clam for a few months. I had it on a rock and seemed fine for quite some time. Several weeks ago he stopped extending his mantle (especially on the lower halves) and they are somewhat pulled in exposing the shell at all times. I tried moving him into the sand with no changes now. He is not dead but seems like hes heading that way. I do use DT every other day. Its a 135 tank. My Maxxima is doing well. All parameters are fine and nothing is touching him and I see no bugs. Any ideas?
sounds like gaping :(

it is still unclear as to what exactly causes this, but it is in most cases fatal to the clam, i have my gigas on the sand since day one, and in 2 months it has grown 1 inch already, huge amount of growth, i think they actually prefer a sandbed, in the wild you will find gigas almost exclusively on the sandbed from what i have seen.

you might contact barry at

he may be able to help you out better than i can