Goby help.


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I need help with my goby, for easter my grandmother picked me up a watchmen goby for my biocube yesterday. It went under the main peice of live rock, and have only seen him once since. The only time i saw him the emerald crab was attacking him and he was breathing heavily. I havent seen him since, and im kinda worried that the crab may have killed him, i removed the crab and he is in another tank. I don't know wether i should move all of my rock and look for him, or wait and see if he comes out.


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Definitely wait a couple of days at least. Just added an Aurora goby and pistol to my tank on Friday and I just caught my first glimpse of them today. If the watchmen didn't make it for some reason, you probably won't find the fish so you would likely just stress out your tank by moving everything around. Doesn't take long for a CUC to clean up. Glad you removed the crab. I'm sure the watchmen is fine and you'll see him soon.


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Yup - that sounds like normal goby behavior to me. He will find a home in there someplace - I see mine only at feeding time.


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My yellow watchman (thanks to the digging-est little shrimp in the world) can go from one end of my 75 to the other in a few seconds completely under the sand.


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My watchman gobie and pistol shrimp are always moving there home. Most times the only time i see them is at feeding time and when i sit still near the tank and not moving around much and he feels comfortable to come out.




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Be carefull they borrow under the rockwork and could cause rock slides from minor to glass breaking. Search it. Making sure your main rocks are on the bottom and glueing the rest helps this.

Also as they are a Great SB cleaner i find a HOB filter to collect all the fine debris they catch is very helpfull.


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Yeah my YWG is always hiding out. I had a PVC pipe in there for him and he made it home within a week but has recently relocated. Whenever I come downstairs and see him out in the open, he darts to his burrow. Gotta get him a pistol! Goodluck with yours, but don't expect to see him much.