Good Light?


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Sometimes the cheaper lights can have problems but I have no personal experience with this product. The thing I noticed right off is that the metal halide is centered in the fixture. Won't work if you have a center brace on your tank.


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I personally wouldn't buy any light that used PC's as the supplemental light source. Replacement bulbs are quite costly and you are supposed to replace them every 6 months or so---- not to mention the fact that they do not put out nearly the amount of useful light that a T5HO will.

Quite honestly, in your situation, I would be more inclined to put together a 250W retro kit from someone like ReefGeek or Yes, more costly, but you'd have a better, more reliable brand.


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I am running 2 MH & 2-96W PC on one of my tanks and I replace the PC bulbs every year. No problem. I like it alot. System works great.

If you suppliment MH with PC or T5, it doesnt make much of a difference. The most important aspect of that type of lighting system is the halide bulb - that is where the growth comes from.

PC and T5 are both decent suppliments to MH. But, in my opinion, by far the best supplimental light to halides is T12 VHO. Best actinic color of any fluorescent bulb.

I do agree with you redfishsc that I would also be more inclined to buy a higher end model that what is shown in that Ebay link.

I may be wrong, but that looks very much like Aqua Trader (who has gone by about 3 other names in the past 4 years) - wouldn't touch those with a stick.

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More specifically, that is an Odyssea fixture. There is a huge thread about the light. The general consensus is that the ballasts are crap that come with it and don't put out 250W. A new ballast should be priority #1 if you buy this fixture.


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This brand always brings out hot debate. I purchased one and have had it a week. I read many many opinions about it and decided to take a risk with it. So far so good. The electronic ballast after running 8 hours a day doesn't get hot to the touch like some. Light emission is acceptable and my LPS and SPS are liking what they are getting. You can always upgrade the ballasts and lights in 9 months or so to an Icecap ballast (no retro fut needed) and any 250W DE halide you want. The fixture itself is built well and all lights and fan and their own switches. Even after upgrades later on the light will be less expensive then purchasing the name brands.


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Just throwing caution to the wind. I posted on here regarding some metal halide bulbs from Tons of Goodies. I asked if anyone used them. I also sent them several e-mails asking if they're bulbs were true 20K as I bought other Ebay bulbs claiming they were 20K and look more like 12K at best. I tried to purchase and they blocked the purchase. I guess they were worried about the type of feedback they would get. They claim their bulbs are made by Odyssea.