Got my osmolator, what's next?


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Hey, is there a new design coming for the calcium dispenser? One that would make it a little more "active" like the other kalk reactors? Just wondering, thanks. Trying to decide how I'm going to add limewater.


The Calcium Dispenser will not change. We do not feel their is enough of an advantage to adding a motor and changing the system to warrant the price increase. Kalkwasser is just not a good stand alone calcium supplement in most cases and we really are not promoting it as such and just want it to be a low cost system to be used as an adjunct to a reactor and for small beginners tanks where the demand is not so great for calcium. The basic idea was to make an affordable, reliable dispenser and good motorized units are generally 3 times the cost though they are slightly more efficient.
Makes perfect sense, thanks. BTW, Kingsley is getting quite the selection. I'm going to check out the ca reactors when I get my next bonus. :D I saw one on the shelf & it looked very short compared to others I've seen.

Thanks as always,

Kingsley does a good job and really seems like a nice guy. I hope to meet him in October when Axel comes to visit me. We plan to drive to Arizona and visit Charles Mitsis at Spectrapure and Kingsley.