green chromises

green chromises

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New member
was curious how many reefers have been able to keep these for any length of time together...
i have just recieved 4 from a fellow reefer
he started with 8 and ended up with the 4


New member
I have five in my 120 for about 3 or 4 months. Had five before that and slowly lost three of them over a 3-4 month period. The five I have now are nice and fat and amazingly enough don't bother each other. We'll see how long these last.


In Memoriam
I've had 7 for 6 months now in jy 120. No losses, they jaw at each other a little bit occasionally.


New member
yeah definitely start with a few extra - i had 4 and am now down to 2 - they tend to kill the weak ones of the group...


On Yer left!
Premium Member
I've had 6 for almost 4 years. They started in a 90G and are now in a 180.


New member
Started with 5 for 10 months, and now 2 left. The dominant one has kicked out the last chromis to the top corner by itself, and its not eating or anything, just waiting to die. Dominant one is out and about.


New member
I started with 6, they picked out the weakest and killed him, now I have 5. They have been doing fine for about 3 months now, no fighting at all, but I have some bigger fish that tend to keep them in their school for safety.


Ive had 4 for about 2months in a 75g. They were put in as dither fish for an obnoxious percula so they havent had time to beat each other up, theyve all been too busy ducking her. She doesnt actually physically damage her tankmates, just makes sure they all know that she is the boss.