Green star polyp is curling...


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My new green star polyps has been doing good for several days. My parameters are good as well. But now the polyps are starting to curl outwards.


Any thoughts??

Reef Frog

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Not a problem that I can see. These things are super hardy and will spread like crazy. If the polyps are out yore OK.


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Mine did that a few times, I put them under a bit stronger flow, and they are swinging around like crazy. Dancing i would call it. It has started spanning outward with new polyps and i feel it's doing better than ever.


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When I had green star polyps they would do that if they had too much flow on them. The type of flow mine liked was a good random flow.


Give them more flow and they will extend further and not curl so much. I think the only way to kill gsp is to set it on fire.