Grey PVC pipe


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Does anyone know where I can buy 1 1/4" Gray PVC pipe, it is for an Octopus skimmer, the white 1 1/4" PVC at home depot does not fit.

Rogger Castells

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I think the outside diameter is the same in both pipes (white & grey) however, I have purchase schedule 80 lg diameter pipe in the electric section at Home Depot and Lowes


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I think the Grey is for other electric and/or irregation

The threads are different

Frag Collector

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When you go to home depot they have different kinds of pipe. If I'm not mistaking pvc is what it is from inside to inside I know they different thicknesses fo pvc


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i have an octopus extreem 350 that i modded what are you looking to do with it pm me might be able to help you