Hanna vs salifert vs something else


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Hello. Last I checked Hanna was great for po4 and Alk. For all else we used salifert. Yes, I'm that old! My regents are old so I'm wondering which I should renew and which I should switch to Hanna, or something else. Thanks in advance!
I do the exact same as griss. I've highly considered switching to Hanna for Alk, but when I make a change in my system I'll check Alk daily for a while and I'd burn through my regents pretty fast. I'll likely pick up a Hanna Low Nitrate kit if I ever care enough to try and dial that in.
Here's an old thought: All of these test kits are still within the range of "hobby grade." I think all of us probably agree that working toward the best tank conditions will mean that all the better tests will vary from one another by a couple of clicks. For what it's worth, I'd still use Salifert for budget-conscious reliability.
Pay close attention to your tanks and you'll notice if something is off. For me, the test kits typically verify a deviation I'm already suspecting. Of course this comes with 20 years of observing and obsessing. The best Test kit is just like the best Cardio workout. It's the one you'll actually do/use. I see a lot of folks dump $ on Hanna just to have them sit on the shelf or only break them out after things go disastrously wrong and by then it's too late.
I have done testing 2, maybe 3 times this year but I use Hanna checkers. They are easy and I don't have to find the right color LED bulb or go outside to read.
I still use Salifert for Mag but that is a titration test. A color change that is easy to detect.
A lot would depend on your budget. I use Hanna for PO4 and Salifert for everything else.
This too. Except I don't use the hanna po4 sachets. Too inconsistent IME. salifert po4 reagents in the HI736, divide by 3.12, and then convert to ppm po4 based on Hanna's chart. You also can skip that countdown, and you no longer miss the displayed result that goes away after like 10 seconds. That auto shutoff time is way too short, imo.
Started off using API, but changed over to Salifert and was pretty happy for quite a while. Then I tried Hanna for ph, and LOVED not having to interpret colors. Gradually switched over to Hanna for everything as the Salifert reagents ran out and continue to use them. Sure, the calcium and magnesium tests require a few extra steps, but after doing them a few times they’ve become easy. When the packets go on sale I’ll stock up a bit, but even at regular price I think they’re worth it.
Digital readouts rock!