hardy acros


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tort's, mille's,

any "hairy" species ime

your best bet are frags from other reefers' tanks.


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agreed. Many of the staghorn type Acropora species are typically hardy, the 'hairier' versions, like twon8 said, as are many Pocilloporids.


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From my experience:

A. sarmentosa..
A. nana
A. valida..


Are you saying that these acros are hardier then stylophoras?


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I had to do a double-take on that stylo one. I started my tank a few months ago and have kept montipora, seratiapora, pocillopora, and stylophora with no problems. I have one blue tip staghorn that has receeded from the base and under some branches(noticed after I treated for cyano). I don't see red bugs or anything. I just have to see how it will fair. So far it hasn't receeded anymore, and the polyps are emerging further.


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really any of the ORA stuff


Really, if you keep up with things all corals are just as easy to keep as any other.