Has Anyone Used Red Dragon Return Pups?


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as Anyone Used Red Dragon Return Pumps?
Thinking baout buying one to replace a Reeflo Dart. Which one would be close to the dart? Are they as good as the skimmer pumps?


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Not sure on which Red Dragon but the similar ATB Flowstar 3200 is comparable to the Dart. My friend swaped out a Dart for one of these and actually felt the flow was noticeably stronger.


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Are you replacing a busted Dart, or one thats working?

I ask, because I've seen a lot of people talking about replacing pumps with red dragons to save electricity, and against a dart, you're talking 10w. You're never going to recoup the investment price in that case.

If your Dart is busted though...


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No the dart is fine...no problems with it. Just wanted to save watts. :) and i dont need that much flow either.