heat problem


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I have RIO HF 14 pump
RIO HF 14 : 3500 lt/h and 45 Watt

Yesterday I used my RIO to dissolving salt in a bucket 20 lt
After 3 hours, when I stopped the pump, water was warm.

My tank always has 28 centigrades water. (while weather heats: 30)

Should I use another pump, for example eheim, OR, aquabee ?
does RIO pump always heat the water ?
or is this a normal situation ?

thanks for your response
My friend use aquabee UP 2000/1. He says chinese made pump always raise the heat of water.
My friend says that If i use aquabee, water heat will decrease approximately 2 centigrades.
Is it true ?
imo rio is a last to use for pumps i owuld use mag drive or the eheim i have had a few rio give out on never eheim or mag.