Heater Controller


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Hey guys,

I am looking to purchase the Neptune Aquacontroller 3. Its expensive but I think its worth it when it comes down to losing an entire tank. What more would I need to purchase to be able to monitor temp, monitor ph and turn on and off lights?
I have never used that controller so I cant say wether its good ro bad. But by reading that page it seems to do everything your asking about.
I, too, never used that controller. I hear the ACII is just as good and less expensive. There are guys on here who have those controllers and the system will contact them (via a beeper or such) when something goes wrong with their system. I am sure technology has improved since that time. I have used a simple Ranco Dual Stage Controller. Chiller plugged into one side and heater the other side. I set the temp to 78F and never have to worry about the temps in the tank. It only cost me about $130 (if memory serves me correctly) at DIYreef.com. It came prewired. just set it and forget it.