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I would agree with barbless fish hook (but not sure if a tang would go for it being an herbivore).

Could try the mirror and net trick. Put the mirror up on the side, should make it want to be territorial and then slip the net behind and scoop (results are 50/50)

Paul B

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I now the hook trick very well. I caught a wrasse I didn't want like that and gave him away. For this guy I have a different method. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day I will get him. He killed my copperband and I don't like that so he is toast. :cool:


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The beach behind my house you can walk 5 miles and not see anyone. The 176 steps going down to it may have something to do with it.

I walked down there this morning and off in the distance I saw something odd. It looked like a treasure chest from a Spanish Gallion filled with Copperband Burrterlies.
Beachwith dock.jpg

I got all excited and almost ran to it before anyone came by (even though no one goes there)

I got closer and closer.....Closer until,,,,,,,,Until,,,,I saw what it was


A floating dock from somewhere. Probably not Spain and nary a Copperband in sight..

I was so tired from the run I found this chair and sat down to ponder the universe.

Someone just left it there. But the beer was empty. :(

Paul B

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Good Morning. I walked on the beach this morning and came upon this unfortunate horseshoe crab. He looked as if he succumbed to Covid or Rap music. I see these guys all the time and usually just put them back to the sea because most of them can't afford the New York taxes on land here.

I tried to give this one CPR but his tail spine kept going up my nose where it would puncture my sinuses.
He is now sea gull lunch. :(

Horseshoe crab.jpg

So after 30 minutes or so of failed CPR, after I wiped the sand off of my mouth I left him to continue my walk on this beautiful and desolate beach. I am very astute and have excellent eyesight. As I walked, I looked up and to my astonishment I saw something off in the distance. "OMG" it looks like either someone or something was in trouble and they were much larger than that horseshoe crab.

Log on beach.JPG

From a 100 yards away it looked like a stranded sea creature, maybe a seal, turtle or perhaps extinct Plesiosaur? Much to fat to be a Supermodel.

I "ran"...OK, plodded as fast as my titanium and aluminum knees could propel me, almost tripping on the marble sized, beach eroded pebbles. By the way those pebbles at one time were all the size of Boise Idaho but the wind and wave action reduced them to the size a little larger than an ich parasite. :rolleyes:

It was windy but I kept going. I was wearing one of those "step watches" to see how far I walked and it was ticking off like crazy. I wanted to get there as fast as I could in case the creature was in distress as it looked to have it's arm up as if calling for help.

Log close.JPG

As I neared the thing I noticed something familiar about it. Yep, just a log.

I continued walking and almost tripped. Wrapped around my foot was a fishing line. I kept lifting it up as I walked to follow it and it was getting heavier. This is how I get all my fishing tackle, by finding it on a beach. I kept walking and wrapping this stuff up as it does kill sea creatures. After many yards and tons of seaweed I got to the end and felt a sinker through the macroalgae. I removed the algae and found the weight. It was a crank handle from an old casement window.

orange moon.jpeg
But an interesting walk just the same.

Paul B

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Well since the last time I was on here I did go to a few places. A riverboat cruise through Germany on the Danube river and 3 Hawaiian Islands. We just celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary and that is where we went on our honeymoon.
This time we went to Maui, Kauai and Lanai as Lanai was not open to the public the last time we were there and it is secluded. The diving in Hawaii is not very good but I did three dives anyway just because I could.
Early this week I had to go to Florida on business and I flew Spirit Airlines. I usually go on Jet Blue but Spirit had a flight that was a better time. Have you ever flown on Spirit? :unsure:

It is an experience and there is a reason Jet Blue charges in excess of $300,00 and Spirit charges $17.67, round trip.
The first thing you notice on the flight is that there are no TVs, no little hole to plug ear phones or charge electronic devices in, no blankets, pillows, magazines or those little papers that keep the grease off your head from the last guy who sat there. :sick:

There is also no free soda, water, peanuts, juice or anything else. as a matter of fact, when you take your ticket and scan it at that little kiosk, it asks you how much you want to pay for your seat. There are $10.00 seats, $20.00 seats and $50.00 seats. I took the $10.00 seat as I assume the $50.00 seat you have to sit on the pilot's lap, but I am not sure. If you don't pick a seat I don't know where they put you as I didn't see anyone lying on the floor and it was night time so I couldn't tell if anyone was strapped to the wings. Carry on bags cost you $50.00 and if you want to take luggage there is a "Bank of America" there where you can take out a home equity loan. :rolleyes:

The hostesses were friendly but they didn't have much to do as there was nothing they could give you except a smile when they told you "Sorry" we don't have that or Sorry, you have to pay for water and peanuts.
I noticed a guy near the back of the plane with a bow and arrow, I figured he was the air marshal. :oops:

I sat by the emergency door and she instructed me that in an emergency I would have to open the door. I said "fine" I have no problem with that. It was a door knob with two deadbolts. So we are flying and it was a very turbulent flight. I spoke to the hostess for a while as she was standing in front of me ironing. It got very rough. She leaned over and took a book out of the overhead compartment. It was a bible.
I read the Bible a few times in Viet Nam, but that was just before we would go into battle, a hostess on a plane reading a Bible in rough weather is not very soothing to me. 😟

Then I tried to remember all the safety features of the plane. Of course, the safety features were the smoke detectors in the bathrooms, the little plastic card in the seat back that has the emergency instructions on it and those little orange life vests under the seat because whenever a plane traveling at 600 miles an hour hits the sea in a fiery crash, we always see all the people in perfect health floating with those little orange vests.

So I looked under my seat to see if there was a credit card slot next to the life jacket just in case I needed it. Then I was thinking, if anything happens I am going to be the safest one on the plane as I will take all the safety devices. The first thing I will do is make my way to the bathroom so I can grab a smoke detector. I will have to be fast as there are only 6 of them. Then I will get that little plastic card from the seat back and swipe my credit card under the seat so I can get the vest and if I have time, I can grab that bible. I may even be able to grab a few more of those plastic cards in the confusion. 🙃

I am seated by the emergency door and I know how to open it as I have the key. I am just waiting for something to happen.
Generally if you see the pilot running towards the back of the plane or if the hostess is having no trouble laying on the ceiling of the aircraft, those are sure signs that you can start reading that bible. But none of those things happened. Speaking of the back of the plane, that is the safest place to be as whenever you see pictures of a plane crash you always see that tail in perfect shape sticking up out of a sand dune.

There was one Supermodel on the plane and she was about 7' tall and if I was standing she could probably eat spaghetti off the top of my head. She had a ponytail and she sat a few rows in front of me on the plane. I kept watching because her pony tail almost got stuck in the overhead bins.

Speaking of overhead bins, I was sitting there waiting for the plane to take off and I was bored as I only had that pony tail to look at and the big guy who couldn't fit into the seat. So I take out my book just as the Captain shut off the lights. I wanted to turn on my overhead reading light but I noticed you had to put two, size D batteries in it and I didn't have any. So as I am sitting there in the dark it started to get stuffy and I reached up to turn on those little air things. I turned it and nothing happened. A few seconds later the hostess comes over to me and hands me this little paper envelope. 🤨

I open it up and it is one of those little paper fans that they used to give you in cheap Chinese restaurants. You can't make this stuff up.
Anyway the flight was uneventful but it gave me time to think, why don't they just make the entire plane out of the same stuff they make the black box out of? That always survives.

As I left the plane I had to squeeze past the hostess selling time shares as the co pilot was holding one of those cardboard containers with the slot in it for quarters for homeless dogs.
Make believe there is a picture of a plane here, I am standing next to it with a Supermodel who has a ponytail 🤩


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Lol I’ve heard stories and saw a guy get arrested at spirit airlines in Miami (or was it Fort Lauderdale?)

Paul B

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I caught that Scopus tang that I wanted to remove after he killed my Copperband.
I used a method I devised many years ago. I just kept a large net in the tank right near the front glass and for a couple of days I fed the fish right into the net.

After 2 days he was comfortable enough to go inside the net to eat. Then I just quickly move the net against the front glass and no more tang.

The other fish I caught with him were returned to the tank.

Paul B

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So I walked to the beach this morning and today is "Amphipod spawning day". This happens a couple of days a year and you have to be there at dead low tide on a calm day early in the morning so I only catch it every couple of years by accident.

Sunrise beach.JPG

I didn't have anything to collect in so I found a Gatoraid bottle and started to turn over the slippery rocks.
The very first rock yielded hundreds of amphipods so I knew I was going to get very lucky.........Well amphipod lucky anyway.



So I collected a few thousand amphipods along with a little sand for the bacteria. It all went in my tank and my fish will be smiling until Labor day.

Tomorrow morning I will go back at the same time with a bucket to see if I can get a few thousand more. :p

Paul B

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So this morning I again went hunting. Amphipod hunting. I was an hour late but the amphipods didn't seem to know what time it was and I still had 3 hours until high tide.

This time I went "armed" with a couple of buckets, one large one and a smaller one to scoop up the pods as they tried to sprint away. Most of the pods were much younger than I am and they thought they were faster, but I have wisdom on my side and managed to catch thousands of them and in many cases, their entire family including third cousins. :oops:

They are now in a container in my workshop calming down with a bubbler until I finish making myself and my wife some breakfast of home made bread that I baked yesterday and toasted this morning along with some farm eggs. We don't normally eat amphipods as they tend to get stuck in your teeth. It's also hard to hold them by their tail to stick them in your mouth.

I will put most of them in my tank after breakfast. I like to squirt them in the back or under my reverse under gravel filter so they don't get eaten as I want them to keep spawning and the fish get to occasionally hunt one as it tries to make an escape. I have some of them in there from a few years ago. Their offspring anyway.

I also will dump in the mud and seaweed I collected with them for the bacteria and maybe parasites. :rolleyes:

Of course if you are the type of person who quarantines, medicates and goes to church to get your fish last rites if they die of uronoma, you can't do this.

If just one of the thousands of amphipods has a disease like Corona Virus and he happens to sneeze in your tank, you would have to vaccinate all of them. You may think finding an amphipod vein to put the needle in is the hard part, but it is not. The hard part is not getting alcohol in their eyes when you swab them. They hate that and don't like the "Visine" you would have to put in their eye to relieve the pain. :)

Paul B

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Nothing new on my morning beach walk except it looks like someone was doing devil worshiping or trying unsuccessfully to build a raft.

They also must have thought the winds at the beach here would move this 10,000 lb rock so they propped it up. :rolleyes:

Propped rock.jpg


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That’s the amphipods home at high tide. Got a nice shell topped fence in the front yard with various flow breakers around the main rock pile home structure.


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Paul, you always crack me up.

BTW, I went back and watched your YT videos as I've missed a few of them. Your steampunk stuff is amazing. Sorry that I haven't been around in a while...

Paul B

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Thanks Chasmodes. Some of them are in a gallery and 6 or 7 of them will be featured in our town Library this year. I haven't built any in a while as I have been to busy enjoying retirement. :p

Paul B

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i use the most original swing arm hydrometer, i swing my arm into the water, scooping some up, then i taste test. if it is not salty enough or too salty, i change it until it works.
I do a similar thing. I pack up my swing arm hydrometer and take an Uber to the airport. Then I rent a car and drive to a SCUBA shop where I ask directions to a Mangrove Island. I rent a boat. Then I swim to the Island with the swing arm hydrometer and submerge with it. Then I go back to the boat and dry the thing off so I can draw a line on it where the arm is floating.

I bring back the boat, get another Uber, get to the airport and come home where I test my water and make sure the arm is floating where the line is.

I am going back to the Caribbean in a few weeks because the line is wearing off so I need to set it again.