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Paul B

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Humblefish (Bobby) and his wife came to visit me yesterday at my home. We went to a few places including a winery, restaurant and my boat. Maybe I will take him amphipod collecting in a few days. Before he came near my tank I had to swat off the parasites he talks about that can fly 10' :rolleyes:
Me and Bobby near tank.jpg
Bobby and me at boat.jpg

Paul B

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I am taking that boat out tomorrow with friends for dinner on it's maiden voyage this year. Usually on a maiden voyage something breaks so I hope they are good swimmers. :unsure:

I just changed the 4 exhaust manifolds, 2 ignition coils, 12 spark plugs, both outdrive bellows, hydraulic hoses to both outdrives, throttle and shift cables,
both impellers, valve spring, engine to outdrive bearings and re wired the both outdrive power lifts back to the dashboard. Then I had the entire boat detailed, top to bottom along with new carpets and had the entire cabin steam cleaned and polished. I am sure I forgot a few things but thats basically it. :)

It's also filed with "cheap" gas from last year. :p

Paul B

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Last year I put 4 tires on this Jeep. I only buy American tires which isn't easy but they are out there and they say "Made in USA " on them.

I put on larger, wider tires so I could more easily goon the beach.

I first went to Firestone and asked them where their tires are made and they didn't know, so I said, Have a nice day.

Anyway I got a slow leak in one tire last week so I brought the car back to Midas where I got the tire because I (stupidly) bought the road hazard insurance with the tires.

The guy found a nail in the tire near the sidewall in a place he said couldn't be fixed. (I could fix it)
So he says: Oh good you bought the road hazard insurance so I figured I would get a tire for free.....YYYyaaaaaaaa.


It seems the original tire (last year) sold for about $150.00 but now that tire sells for about $225.00 and the insurance only covers the original cost of the tire.

(I am sure the people who sell this ridiculous insurance know this) So I figure, OK so I only have to pay $75.00 for the new tire which isn't to bad.


I have to pay for mounting, balancing and probably the Mc Donalds hamburger and large Coke the guy was eating when I came in. Then I have to "Re-Insure" the new tire because it seems the "insurance" only covers one incident.

So the new "Free" tire will cost me about $125.00 which is the amount I originally paid for the tire. :oops:

It is my fault because I broke my cardinal rule of buying insurance. I never buy insurance because it is always a scam. If I didn't have the insurance I would have fixed the tire myself in 3 minutes for about 35 cents. And I already have the plugs so I wouldn't even have to spend the 35 cents. :)

Today they make a big deal out of everything and years ago these things were free or almost free as I plugged dozens of tires and never had a problem. But no one makes money when you fix things yourself. :unsure:

Of course this is when I bought the car.



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Hmm I’d have to agree the sidewall I’ve always been told is a no go for fixing. With that said, can’t say I knew that about the insurance but is good to know only original cost is covered

Paul B

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It's just a nail hole and no problem fixing it. That "no Fix" thing was invented by tire and insurance companies just to annoy people like me who know better. As a mechanic I fixed dozens of them.

It is easily repairable because it is a nail hole. I can see if you ran over a coral reef teeming with long spined urchins and Oldsmobile windshields and cut a 6" ragged gash in the sidewall. Then if gorilla tape didn't work, you would have to buy a new tire. :unsure:

You really can't listen to everything the tire companies, law and insurance companies tell you, if we did, the earth would still be flat because Columbus wouldn't be able to get sinking and rat insurance so those natives in the Caribbean would have advanced faster than us and they would hire us to cut their grass and tend their fields. :p


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My skimmer is an "Urchin Searchin Enterprise Skimmer" In other words, I built it. :D

I don't buy no stinking skimmers.
Pretty cool looking too. Just a long PVC pipe with a collection cup on top of it. I’m assuming you have an air stone at the bottom of it.

Paul B

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I’m assuming you have an air stone at the bottom of it.
No, I don't use no Sissy airstones. Come on Humble, you know me better than that. Airstone!!!!! :cool:

I built this venturi valve which puts any airstone to shame, costs about a buck and lasts forever.

My very Manly 5' skimmer uses Ozone and is plumbed to a drain so very little maintenance :D


Paul B

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I spent Fathers Day in Manhattan, the place I hate the most in the world and if it wasn't for my Grand Kids I would rather have spent it in a rice paddy in Viet Nam.

We also went to a wedding on a roof top in Manhattan. It was in the fifties, windy and everyone was freezing but the most dangerous thing was trying not to trip over the penguins. :oops:

When we got to the City of course my wife has to go to the bathroom so we go into Starbucks. I had to order a coffee so she could use the bathroom. Five bucks for a small regular coffee. I told the girl, "I only want one". :rolleyes:

I heard they are going out of business and I really won't care at all.
I worked in Manhattan for almost 50 years and the day I retired was the best day of my life except of course my wedding day and when my Grand Kids were born. :D

I can't believe anyone lives there on purpose.....Like Really!!!!!

Then to get back to the Jitney bus to go the 100 miles back to our house, we got into the wrong UBER. (my fault)

The UBER was supposed to be a black Buick with the license ending in 23C. A black Toyota stopped in front of us and opened the trunk. His licence ended in 3C so I just "assumed" it was for us.

The guy starts going the wrong way in Manhattan so we found out we got into the wrong car. Now we have 15 minutes to get to the bus and we got there just as the bus did. 😨