Help choosing an in sump skimmer for my Nano


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Wanted to ask you guys over here in the Nano SIG, for your expert opinions

I have a 28 gallon tank with a 10 gallon sump.
The maximum width of a skimmer that i can fit is 7"

Skimmers currently on my Radar are:

IceCap K2-50 - $130
rated up to 40 Gal heavily stocked

SCA-301 - $90
Rated for 65 gal

Simplicity DC120 $200
Rated to 60 Gal heavily stocked

I have been doing a lot of research into these 3 skimmers and can't decide on which one to get... There are a couple of videos and pictures of these skimmers in action but very few.

I have browsed through the huge thread on these skimmers and it seems like many people are pretty happy with the SCA skimmers, but there seems to be more info on the 302 rather than the 301. My concerns are long term reliability and seems to good to be true for under $100.

For a little bit more money I could go with the IceCap K2-50 which looks a little bit better made than the SCA but unfortunately the K2-50 is the only model from IceCap that doesn't use a Sicce pump. Same problem as the SCA there is more information and reviews on the next model up but its hard to compare the K2-120 to the K2-50 because they use completely different pumps. If the K2-50 came with a sicce pump it would be the easy choice hands down. I did however see 2 people running one of these over on NR and they were pulling some thick dark nasty skimmate. Considering how fast these were flying off the shelves when they first came out I would think there would be more reviews on this little guy.

The most expensive option is the Simplicity DC120, This has flat out the least reviews, and pictures of operation POST BREAK IN. found a bunch of brand new unboxing videos and first start ups but less than one of the skimmer actually doing any work. I don't mind spending the extra $70 on a quality product if i had no doubt it would out perform and outlast the IceCap.
But i have seen one person already stating that his pump has kicked the bucket at the 5 Month mark.... Their website says it comes with a 1 year warranty on the pump so he should be able to get a replacement at no cost.
have also seen claims that these use rebranded Jebao pumps but have not seen any confirmation on that or not.

So my questions for you guys here at RC are....

Which one of these skimmers would you say comes with the better Pump?

Any first hand experiences with any of these models? Specifically the small model not the bigger slightly different older brother to these? (browsing the nano forums seems that most people with my size tank are running skimmers that fit in the AIO chambers rather than Small in sump skimmers.)

Thanks in advance for any insight you may be able to offer


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I am running the IceCap K2-50 in a 10 gallon sump on my 32 gallon tank. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. It works very well. I have not used the others so they may be every bit as good or better, but I can vouch for the IceCap.


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Thanks Flanders!
Any chance you can post up a picture of the skim it's been pulling for you?

Also how long have you had it?

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I can take a pic tonight, but it's going to be similar to the pics you of dark nasty skimmate you have already seen on nano-reef. My tank has been up for less than three weeks, but I have been in the hobby for 20 years so I have quite a bit of experience with skimmers. This is one of the better ones I have ever used, easily the best of its size.
the icecap k2-50 sucks the first one I got came broken in the box with the collection cup flange seperated from the neck because of a 1/2 assed joining at the factory. The second one that I received the o-ring on the collection cup is so tight you need to be Godzilla to slide it in... took matters into my own hands and sanded the rubber o-ring to improve tolerances... then two months later the skimmer broke in the same spot as the first one when removing the cup.... I have since acrylic glued it back together... I wont ever buy one again...

Simplicitys products are great I have one of their dc skimmers on another tank and just bought a 540 for my new 250....


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I have a 20 long with a 10 gallon sump running a K2 50. Don't know the brand of the pump, but it pulls out all kinds of crap from the water. Glad I purchased it.

The K2 uses a DCAIR-700 DC skimmer pump.
Looks like a great littl skimmer especially for $130. I think you would wasting your money on anything else. This skimmer could definitely handle a large bioload for your tank


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I went with the K2-50, looks like a quality built product upon opening it. The pump is super quiet compared to my reef octopus. My tank isn't up and running yet so I'll have to report back on the skimmers. Performance once I get some livestock in there

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k2-50 just crapped out again looks to be the pump this time.... still sticking to my original description of it not being worth a sh*t