HELP!!! Cloudy infected eye on Sailfin Tang


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Just came home tonight after being away for a few days and my Sailfin Tang has a left only infected eye. White mucas like around it. Still eating vigorously.

Is there anyway to treat this or make it better?


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Pull it and put into QT. You can treat with Erythromycin From API.

Good luck. Sorry to hear about the eye.


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My 6" yellow tang has one eye just like this right now. It is eating well garlic soaked food. Also adding in vitamin C to the food and tank water. It seems to be healthy so I am in hopes it will kick this whatever it is.

How is your sailfin doing?


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Ya look into pop eye for anyone experiencing this issue with one of their fish. Usually cased by an irritation from a scratch or something like that.