Help, Corals Dying


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Once a coral starts to loose its flesh and very quickly turning white, is there anything that can be done to help it/ make it better? Or is it past the point of no return? I've had a coral die in the past, but it was a slow process, and one that looked bad came back to life. I have 3 that took a turn for thew worst in a matter of 3 days! I will work on getting some pics and I'm going to test the water and do a quick water change. Please post any ideas. Tim


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Depends on type. If the arms are still good, you can frag it: include only good tissue: get better advice for mine on procedures.


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You may be able to save it by fragging off only the good tissue but there is no guarantee.

I have a green bird's nest that was rtn as splotches on all parts of the branches, so it's kinda toast.

I had a purple-tipped valida that was quickly rtn within a twelve hour period. The rtn was from the top, so unfortunately I had to clip a year's worth of growth (about three inches horizontally and vertically) all the way to the bottom (sigh). The good news is the rtn stopped. In my case I also have a really nice base, so I am hoping for a good recovery.

Water changes, and keeping up with the maintenance is pretty key to sps. I have admittedly slacked for the last three months and lost two and a half (half being the valida). DOA corals were the green bird's nest and a cali tort.