Help drill rosewood aq. stand


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I live in asia and am thinking about buying a custom rosewood aquarium stand. There are two versions either for a 50 or 100 gallon tank. What I would like to do is have an in tank overflow that drains directly down into a sump in the stand. The dealer wants to know where I want the holes drilled into the wood for the drain pipe. Can you please give me some advice about what I should tell him? Should I just get the stand back to the states and ask someone else to drill this for me?

Can anyone give me some guidance on this? I'm confused as to where to start. It seems I can't give the dealer specs for drilling holes unless I have the equipment. Are there standard sized holes / locations I could tell him?


Hello Marietrg;
I would wait to get the stand shipped before you have it drilled. Does the stand have an open back? It may not even need to be drilled if it does. Anyway its not hard to drill it out after you get it and know exactly what your dealing with.;)