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Hi! I've been keeping SW for nearly 15 years, and I've really wanted an Octo for a long time, but all the info I have ever heard is that they don't live--they escape, or they quit eating, they lay eggs... etc. Now, FFExpress (not my favorite online vendor, but...) has Aquacultured O. bimaculoides for $29.99, and I have a lot of questions:

1. They don't offer a guarantee on Octopi, and my understanding is that they will often ink in the bag and die in shipping. What are the odds of getting a live animal?

2. Is O. bimaculoides a good choice? How big do they get? I am planning to keep mine in a oceanic 43 hex.

3. Do they ever adapt to frozen food, or will it be a matter of feeding live food for life? What will they eat besides hermit crabs and ghost shrimp, which don't seem to be available in my area.

4. What is a reasonable life expectancy?

In other words, am I out of my gourd to even think about this?


Jim Jensen
I just got one a few weeks ago read the threads about the Bimacs from FFE It should tell you alot here it is
also just read some of the past threads in this forum TONS of info


Octopuses have had a bad rap in the aquarium trade for a loooong time. This is due to lack of knowledge and experience with keeping them.
It is true that not all species do well in the home aquarium. Some species like O.vulgaris and O.briareus are escape artists. O.mercatoris iis nocturnal and a pygmy octo. Some species like blue rings can not only kill you but live very short lives. The aquacultured bimaculoides at ff express is the best way to go. In a past thread, they said they back up live delivery.
Bimacs are great shippers any way so there is seldom a problem. Feeding such a small octo can be tricky though. When they are so young, they will only eat live food for a short time. As they get a bit older they will eat frozen food just fine.
The other concern is making sure such a small octo won't get sucked up into any filters. There are plenty of ways around this problem though. Before you get baby bimac, make sure you can secure a place to get live food, small hermits, snails, clams, shrimp, crayfish .. to hold him over till he will eat frozen. It shouldn't take long though.
As Ken said, check out the past threads. A lot of good info out there.
I just got my baby bimac yesterday (from ffe)and it has already eaten a piece of frozen shrimp from a stick (I haven't got the guts to stick my hand in yet.:rolleyes: He came in perfect (no ink at all) and I must admit I didn't know what to expect (there is a creepy factor) but he is adorable. He hid in his cave most of yesterday but today he has decided to explore. The way he changes colors is AMAZING!:eek2: I've never seen anything like it. He mainly stays neutral (white or clear) but as he moves or watches me he flashes red, black, white and black stripes, spotted, just about anything, right now he looks exactly like his rock. He was packaged very well too so if ya want one and are ready to take the plunge GO FOR IT! No time like the present. You have nothing to lose.
Well, thanks for all the info everyone, I ordered one last night. Should be here Tuesday. I will post how it goes when it arrives. In the meantime, I need to go silicone the riser tubes into my undergravel and seal the gaps around the lid! Thanks again!

Make sure there arent any fish in the tank. When he gets in the tank you want him to feel very safe so that he will settle in quick, and since he is so small a fish might bother him. Also if the tank is in a high traffic area it might be a good idea to cover the front of the tank with cardboard or something so he doesnt get stressed by all the movement.

I didn't think food was available in my area either, but I called up my fish store and asked if they could order ghost shrimp and they said yes, they can also order small hermit crabs for me.