Help me choose


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Hey guys i have a 29 gallon tank (30 inch) and was wondering how i should light it. Right now i have a very cheap 2x18 watt single reflector T5 fixture. I know it sucks but i was planning on FO when i first setup. Right now i have some zoas, shrooms, toadstool, and candy canes that are doing fine but i want to upgrade. I would say that i only want to keep LPS and softies but we all know how that goes. I have been doing a lot of research on T5 lights and MH and cant decide. I guess it is a toss up between a teklight and a 150 watt sunpod. I want to try and keep the price around $300. I am leaning toward the sunpod and i have found a good price of 240 with free shipping but i am scared of the heat. What would you do?