HELP!! Weird story I need help! Please read below


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Ok so i got a Hector Goby maybe about a week and a half ago. (We recently got new rock). He chose this little cave in one of the new pieces of rock. In about a day he disappeared. No remains or anything. Three or four days ago we got a pair of clownfish. One of them chose that same cave. He went missing for a couple hours... Then we saw him but just then something pulled him under the rock! I lifted the rock and he shot out. He is very beaten up so i netted him and have him sitting in the net at the top of the tank. Not sure if he's gonna make it :/ I tried to block up the cave with some small rocks. We had seen some centipede looking thing in the cave. I have no idea what it was. Please help! What is this mysterious killer in my tank. (I am not sure if the "centipede" is related or not) I don't know what to do and I am very worried!

I see another thing now... I see this clear worm looking thing which has surrounded most of the cave. For the most part it has covered itself in sand and stuff but it has a tip at the end that is searching around and sticking in the sand.


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If you are sure the culprit (maybe a predatory worm) is in that rock I'd just chuck it in the trash and get another rock.


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take the rock out and start drying it out. it should start making its way out of the rock looking for a better environment


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What kind of corals are on the rock? Just move them if you can. I'd do whatever I could to remove it since I wouldn't feel comfortable with some random killer in there.


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Centipede looking thing....most likely a Eunice worm, nasty looking and nasty to fish and corals. I have one and it has taken chunks out of the fins of several of my fish and it loves munching on my prize zoa's. Like you I can not get my rock out to get at the worm due to 8 years of coral growth bonding all the rock together.

Soon though it will be payback time for all the trouble it has caused as I am upgrading to a bigger tank :thumbsup:.