Help with Acan Lord


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My acan lord is not looking so well. Just got him last week, and now it's starting to look clear. The pink is still very flourescent, but it's not as puffy and the wrinkly mauve meaty part is beginning to look clear. I thought acans were pretty hardy. My other tank inhabitants: monti cap, monti digitata, blasto, zoos, pocillopora LPS, and SPS all look good. Well, not the xenia..he's healthy and pulsing, just won't propagate.

Does it not like bright light? I have 2x175W 10K MH and 2x96 actinic PCs. I have it in the lowest flow area I have in my tank and under some shade now.

So, here's the tank stuff:

CA: 420
Nitrates < 5
Nitrites 0
Ammonia 0
dKH was 7 last night...added buffer, back to 9.9 now
SG: 1.023

I have other LPS: blasto merleti, blastomussa, octopus, fox, and they're all blooming and happy.

What can I do to save this acan?


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My experience with acans was that they did not like too much light and that they also benefitted from direct feedings of finely chopped, meaty foods


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I had a chip size frag fell off, ended up under a rockledge for a few days. Was totally white, (almost completely bleached when I got it.) anyway a few days later I noticed it had color so I glued it into a hole in a rock at the bottom of my tank. It now has total color with yellowgreen stripes on it. The orginial frag has finally started to color up and get it's stripes almost three months later. It is in a very low flow, shaded area.


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Mary, good to know. I think that's what's happening to mine. It's a frag I got from a local guy, and you know how frags are...half polyps. So I left it on the sand bed instead on a rock, so it would "fill out". My tanks' pretty bright..being only 18" deep.

Mine still has stripes, just getting clear. Okay, so moving it into shade and low current and see what happens.


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Most acans are hardy. I just think that your tank is colder than the typical reef, so new corals are just stresing out.
A little spot feeding would help also.