Help with Engineer goby


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I was at the local fish store today, and the guy told me an Engineer convict goby would be fine in my 75G tank with a yellow watchman. Has anyone had any history of this? Second I have two decent sized Anemone in the tank, a green mini maxi and a large RBTA. I also seen a youtube video where a bubble tip killed a engineer goby? Any feedback is greatly appreciated as I am no hesitant on putting the guy in the main tank.



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The common names for that fish are often confused, so hopefully the species featured in these pictures matches the one you're asking about.

I had one for years and he was a love able troublemaker. He loved the sheets of algae I would feed to my tangs, and would often leave his burrows to swim to the surface and eat them from my hand.

However, he would dig tunnels day in and day out, eventually leading to a collapse of rocks that killed several fish. If your rocks are glued down, however, this fish is a peaceful aquarium substitute for an eel, imo.

I had two maroon clowns living in a RBTA that stayed on the sand and my engineer never approached it. They're pretty smart and it shouldn't be a problem, but be aware that he could quickly become too large for a 75gal. Mine was at least 7in long in my 150gal


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I've got 4 Engineer Goby's in my 480G tank. Two of them are over 1' long. They get big but are mellow fish. They will however move around a lot of sand. I have two large RBTA's in my tank. One of which is over 2' across and I've never had a concern about the anemones and the goby's and I've had one of the Engineers for years now along with the BTA's. While I don't see much of an issue keeping one in a 75g tank as they tend to stay in one are of the tank, the only concern I would have is their size potential and the fact that they will rearrange things in the tank when they feel like it. As such, they aren't for everybody.