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Hi everybody nice to be back been away for a little while.
I have a new 40g hex tank that I set up about 1-1/2 months ago to let it cycle. Yesterday I put the fish in it that I wanted , I put a porcupine puffer and coral beauty angel in it. I have just a few pieces of live rock in it just to make a little bit of shelter for them to swim through and hide in. I know the coral beauty angel can nip at corals but I don't think I'm going to be putting any in it to be to concerned about. I also have a arrow crab in with them. The angel seems to be doing fine and has eaten food today but I noticed that the puffer has not eat yet and is looking good but he is laying still alot and not swiming around to much. Is this normal or should I be concerned. I know he may just be taking sometime to get use to his new home but I just want to be sure.
All of my water paramiters are right where they should be so I don't feel like that is an issue but as I said I just want to be sure and as always thanx for the help.
Dave E


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How large is the puffer? imo, that's 'alot of fish' to be putting in a newly cycled tank. Even in a matured fully cycled tank, 40 gallons isn't much for a puffer. They get large and are very messy eaters.

What are your specific params? What are you trying to feed the puffer?

sometimes it can take a few days for a fish to "settle in", and it may not eat right away. No biggie, they can go a while without. Make sure you aren't stuffing food into the tank in an effort to get it to eat, that is just going to foul your water.

just take things slowly, test for amm, nitrite, ph daily.

I'm sorry to say you really may want to reconsider this fish. If you love puffers and must have one, a valentini is a much better choice for that size tank.

Oh, your crab will eventually be a goner.

Good luck! :)


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Dave, back when I had a FOWLR tank and got my puffer, it took him a good week to settle in. He also just kind of laid around. I would not worry about it. Just make sure in your attempt to get him to eat that you are not putting too much food in the tank.