help with retro fitting a RO system to RODI


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I would love to get some help on the following.

I currently have a proprietary brand RODI system from a local vendor, whom I felt out of love with (price too high, and must come to site to service, no DIY)

It was set up for under sink with a storage tank and a tap. The reason is that I don't need that much 0 tds water, since I keep freshwater fish for now. I bought from amazon a 5 stage rodi system that I like to install, but am having some issue with connection. I have a powerless permeate pump, and connected everything as i think how it should be, but nothing is happening after ~10 minues of flow filling the canisters. I believe the storage tank is 1) connected wrong, 2) lost pressure and needs to be filled again. 3) some other confusion I have.

Can someone kindly show a diagram of
1) undersink set up
2) RO/DI set up
3) using permeate pump
4) using storage tank
5) do i simply use a bicycle pump to pump the pressure of storage tank back up? if so, what PSI?

the DI canister suggests 35PSI