Here I Go Again: Back in the hobby- Need Advice


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Hi Reef Community:

I've been in the hobby a very long time. Left the hobby in 2017 for personal reasons. Getting back in to find myself overwhelmed with so many great improvements in equipment, lighting etc.

Considering the following two options for a mixed reef tank:

Red Sea 425XL
Red Sea Peninsula 500
Red Sea Max S-400

Leaning towards the peninsula. What are your recommendations in comparing the above 3 choices?

Also, if I decide on the Peninsula 500, what:
1. lighting recommended for a mixed reef?
2. Pump
3. Dosing equipment
4. Powerheads

Thank you soooo much


Vinny Kreyling

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Lighting - Check out BRSTV on YouTube for all their testing on lighting.
Pump - Varios is a good line of DC pumps.
Dosing - Kamoer has come a long way.
Powerheads - I like Tunze but BRS has more information there also.
Not familiar with the tanks.