horseshoe crab?


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i had a very small horseshoe crab and when i first put it in my tank it was swimming around and digging into the sand and what not. when it wasnt dug into the sand it would get flipped over and would move. was it just stupid or was the current to strong and it to small to stay on the ground? im not sure what was wrong with it


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I've also owned a horshoe crab which came with a used set-up I purchased. They don't seem to be the most intelligent creatures. This one would occassionally surface out of the sand and swim/drift inverted all over the tank. A number of times it ended up in my bubble tip anemone and froze, probably from the stings. After a while I got tired of intervening and rescuing the foolish thing and noted that the anemone would eventually release the ugly critter. It would always recover fairly quickly and start it's inverted swimming routine. They have two sets of eyes but I swear the thing was blind, that's how clumsily the thing moved around in the tank. A few months ago I found it expired in the corner of the tank. It was a good sand sifter while it lived but I don't think I'll be getting another one.


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It's just the way horseshoe crabs behave.

They are very diffucult to keep long term. They get up to about 20" across. They'll topple over rock work, break corals. They are not really the best things to have around. If you factor in there mortality rate there is no reason for them to be kept in the hobby at all.

Best of luck with it, they are cool little guys.