How are your Dimmable Lighting Curves Set?


In Memoriam
I am setting up my controller and am in the process of setting
up my lighting curves. Here is my Lighting (all are dimmable):

Illumination 1 (Two Actinic T-5 Bulbs)
Illumination 2 (Three 10K & 1 Actinic T-5 Bulbs)
Illumination 3 (Moonlights Blue/White LEDâ€"œ ProfiLuxSimu-L)
Illumination 4 (Sunset â€"œRed LED â€"œ ProfiLuxSimu-L)

I tried to replicate a day at equinox (12 hr day)


Being an ex sailor the lighting follows "Red skys at night,
sailors delight. Red sky in morning, sailors take warning."
(Now programmed for every day a sunny day)

I still need to figure out how to pogram the red skys in the morning for
cloudy /rainy days only, and at night for the night before sunny days.

How are your lighting curves set?

Thank you
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