how bad did it get when you were tankless?


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Has there been a period when you left reefing---and to what extremes did you go when you needed saltwater?

Myself, I sold everything back in 2000, and re-reefed in 2006. In the interim, I got so desperate for something watery and alive that I bought one of those ecogloves with brine shrimp in it, back in 2001.

They're still going. I've had the wicked thought of setting them in my tank and driving the fish nuts for a few days, but the thing would only algae-over. So it sits on its shelf, alternately growing film and thread algae and supporting its shrimp.


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years ago after a move i would get nostalgic for the tanks i had to take down and end up at the lfs with no intention of actually purchasing anything. kind of like going to the public aquarium, except after a while of just walking around i got weird looks from the owners. the upside to all of that was that i found every lfs within a two hour drive from home. :lol: that actually did end up coming in handy when i eventually started up a tank again.