How Do I Attach Xenia To Rock?


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i just bought some xenia.. how do i attach them to rock?
they wont just grab onto the rock like an anemone. i was told to rubberband them on, so i did, and it still hasnt attached itself.


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It might take one to two weeks to attach. Rubberband is OK just do not make it tight as it might cut trough it. Alternatively you can use thread and needle and pass a stringh trough it and tie it to a small rock.


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is it ok if i just superglue it on?
If the Xenia dettachment point is a bit hard then it was a clean removeal from the main colony and there is a chance superglue could work but if the frag was cut, do not even try as it needs to heal.
If the base is a bit hard then here is the way. Xenia will be very slippery while outside the water. Grab it with some twizzers from teh truck but do not squeeze take it upside down out of the water and it will squeeze beteen the twizzers to the point of the hard previous attachment point. That will not squeeze thru.
take a paper napkin and dry the attachment point tapping on it. Apply a small drop of superglue and then place a small rock on it. Hold them together or 30 seconds and then while still holding them together submerge them in the water. and place the small rock were you want it to be. Keep small flow for a while.


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I managed a LFS for about three years and would routinely get twenty to thirty frags of xenia and glue them all to small rocks. If you dry the bottom of the xenia with a paper towel then glue it, it should stay put about 90% of the time.


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I pulled 2 clumps loose from a rock where I didn't want them, and pinned them to the sand with rock I did want them to bond to, an old bit of porous coral. They don't like to bond with sand, the rock was their only choice, and they both did it overnight, no other restraint but the weight of the coral stick.


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I just sat mine on the rock and one day a week or so later I was messing around with things touched it and it was stuck. I did nothing.