How i caugh my mantis!!


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I had discovered a mantis shrimp in my tank about 2 months ago. He came in with the live rocks when i had set up my new 90gal tank. I had posted a message about how to get rid of him and got a few suggestion which i had appreciated a lot from all you guys out there that took the time to reply to my post. I though getting a trap was a pretty good idea. However i held out on getting a trap and just let him (Mantis) feel at home for a while since i observed him finding a place in the holes in the rocks. So i had almost forgotten about him for a while. However alon the way i had 3 of my fish dissappeared. Fish M.I.A. cant say what happened to them. Mantis maby!!! unknown. He mainly remain unseen most of the time in the tank so hard to keep track of. However today i say him out and about and i decided to be patient and track his every move and so he love to run and his when he knows i see him. Most of my tank rocks are a bit loose so a bit easy to remove if i had to yank it out real quick. Well that was the trick. I say mim make a run for a hole in the live rock where he decided to hide. Great mistake he made. When i saw this i quickly raised my tank hood ensuring he was still hiding in the rock. I yanked the live rock out put it in a bucket and filled it with some frest water flushing it also into the hole where he was. He eventually came out and i pulled the rock out of the bucket to get him off the rock and now he's in the bucket full of fresh water. Victory at last. Finally i got him. This guy is a real pest. And to really get rid of him for good i flushed him down the toilet. Well hope i don't hear from PITA for marine cruelty.
You shouldn't have killed him...Lots of us here would have gladely taken him in to our aquariums. I have 2 right now and wouldn't even mind getting another. As a rule of thumb...If You dont want a creature in your aquarium and someone else should give him up.


Swift move .....

I would of loved to take him .......!!!

Sorry but i agree with ADHybrid .... 100 %

BOB :(
I agree it would have been nice if Epartner would have offered it instead of flushing it. But I'd be willing to bet that he lost more than a few fish to it. I understand why the dude would have wanted to kill it. Don't be too hard on him.
Appreciate all the scoulding guys on eradicating my mantis shrimp. However i think i was justified in eradicating him or should say the only one i have found yet. Three of my fish have dissappeared since i saw this critter can't say if he preyed on them or not. Afterall there is no body of evedience of the lost fishes anywhere in my tank since i saw him. Thats money down the tubes. Afterall that mantis was a evil terrorist, he smuggled in illegaly and caused damage. Sounds familiar. Well i don't deal with terrorist in my tank either.
Aw well, he's just obeying his natural mantis instinct to hunt and kill everything in his path, just as you're obeying your human instinct to rationalize why you do things. :)

I'm sorry your fish died, but I don't think you're going to get much sympathy on the flushing in this forum, hehe.