How long can you go without a skimmer?


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My skimmer pump went bad today. I was already planning on buying one on the black friday sales coming up. I upgraded tanks a couple weeks and needed to upsize my skimmer. Will it create harm if I wait three weeks to replace?


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Forever. You don't NEED a skimmer, but there are a lot of advantages to having one. Make more frequent water changes until you get one and go light on the feeding.


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I never used a skimmer because i hate the noize it makes altough is a good way to filter water.I use algae scrubbers instead.

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I would watch the tank very carefully, reduce feeding, increase flow, adjust additives (dosing carbon/vinegar/etc.). You may be fine....but if not you can catch it by watching carefully.

To say tank that has a skimmer will magically do great without one is nonsense. Look for bacterial/algae blooms, be ready to change some additional water, add carbon media if you aren't already using it.



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Just ramp feeding down a little bit and make sure you turn off bio pellets if you are running them.
I would also ramp up water changes a little bit more. Just keep an eye on nitrates.

My skimmer pump was going bad. It would shut off and I wasnt in any hurry to fix it when it would stop. As long as I got to it that week things were fine.