How Long for Xenia to Attach?

I just fragged a friends xenia and was wondering about how long they will take to attach? I have three seperate frags and i attached them all on one long rock with rubberbands. I realize that the rubberbands may eventually cut through the xenia so I will have two pieces from each frag instead of one but actually I wouldn't mind long as they attach good. After they attach how should i remove the rubberbands?
they take only a few days. Try to no put the rubber band to tight.After it's attached you could cut the stalk again if you like to get 2 pieces.
I tried not to put it too tight but had too in a couple areas as I had to wrap it around the rock. They appear to be doing okay this morning...their stalks are extending and starting to wave about in the flow.
IME it only takes a couple of days for them to attach. If needed, use toothpicks to relieve some of the rubber band pressure near the flesh for the first few days until they attach. I use the clear silicone rubber bands for hair and don't bother removing them usually because they disappear underwater. Be careful if removing them though because the Xenia will wrap right around the band and I've actually torn the Xenia from the rock before it let go of the rubber band.