How long will I be able to keep regal tang


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Got this little guy from LFS, around 1.5-2 inches, as smaller than my clownfish lol.
I bought it in the knowledge that eventually I will need to re-home it. Wondered how long in your opinion can it be in my tank, hoping for a few years. My tank is 4ft long and 300l (80 us gallon)


300l (80g) tank
36 kg crushed coral and aragonite substrate
40kg live rock
Deltec mce601 skimmer
1000lph filter pump
Filter floss
1 2800 lph pump,( hydor koralia 3200)
1 x fluval sea cp4 {5200 lph)

1 algae blenny
1 kole tang
1 Royal gramma
1 adorned wrasse
1 One spot foxface
1 coral beauty
1 zebra dwarf lionfish
1 pair clown fish
1 regal tang

1 strawberry conch
4 nassarius snails
4 small red legged hermits
1 tube anemone
1 boxer shrimp
6 trochus snails
2 astrea snails
1 cleaner shrimp


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