How many toby puffers??

DoubleM 10

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Well i just had the idea of possibly doing a tank with just toby puffers!

i think they are cute and cool and not fussy eaters.

i was wondering how many toby puffers you can put in a 46bow tank???
i was thinking 4 or so of them??? possible 3???

this would be a FOWLR tanks with easy to handle corals(tourch and frogspawn).

has about 12lbs of live rock and another 35+ pounds of dry rock at start. the tank has been running since the begining of february.

Reef octopus bh-1000 HOB skimmer
2 korilia nano 450gph powerheads
4 bulb t-5 ho lights

let me know what you think. if i need to add something let me know. i plan on putting a sump on this summer as a DIY project for myself. so that WILL be added later.

thanks in advanced :D

DoubleM 10

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anyone? i have done a little reading while waiting for a responce. it looks like a pair would be best bet. not many people have kept that many together. let alone with sucess. so 2 toby puffers it is


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I had a Blue spot Toby that was a constant fin nipper. He was cute, but i swear he was always up to no good. All he does is swim around looking for things to pester. I think you'd be lucky to get away with 2.