How much current for a clam and how does this tank sound?


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I searched around and couldn't find a decent answer for this question. I was thinking of setting my 30g up, when I move, with a 250W MH I have and keeping just clams. I have the tank sectioned in three. One section I planned to keep as a refugium, the middle section for a couple clams and the last section with a couple power heads and some live rock. The whole tank will have a 4" DSB.

Do I need to add a power head to the middle section? I am counting on the DSB, Live rock and refugium section to take care of all the filtration.

Besides the circulation question how does this set-up sound? Thanks in advance for the help.
Clams hardly need any current, and to much prevents opening. Would there be any water flow without the PH's? How much?

If so, it would probably be enough. :D

The acrylic dividers I put in the tank are about 90% of the way to the top. Current would be fairly minimal since the clams would be in the center section and the first section would have the powerheads on one side pointing towards the length of the tank stuck to the side glass.

I have about (15) 1/8 inch holes drilled in the top quarter of the retaining wall to allow a bit more flow than just what passes over the top of the partition. I could always drill a few more holes.

Does the tank set-up sound good as is, or would you modify it a bit more for a certain amount more of current?

Once again, all help will be very appreciated.