How to acclimate/handle a copperband


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I've acclimated many fish but I'm not sure the best way to get a copperband butterfly from the bag or container after acclimation into my tank without damaging it's mouth. Maybe it's not a problem I just want to be very careful. I've heard about their mouths getting injured during travel and handling.

Any suggestions? Could I use a very fine net? I don't want any of the transport water in my tank. He/she arrives tomorrow afternoon from



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I use a large bowl to move my fish and inverts from a bag to the tank. Make sure the bowl is big enough to hold the water amount in the bag and...

1 - set the bag in the bowl
2 - open the bag and while holding the "top" opening so as not to spill and then grab the "bottom" also
3 - slowly raise the "bottom" while lowering the "top", keeping the side of the bag touching the bottom of the bowl
4 - once the "top" is below the edge of the bowl let it go
5 - now you should be able to raise the "bottom" of the bag and let the water and fish or invert flow out into the bowl without the fish/invert every having to he trapped!

This is nice as you can now use the bowl to acclimate as well. Once acclimated just lower the bowl into the tank and then tip to let the fish swim out. To keep the transport water out just dump as much out as you can before putting the fish in the tank. Hope this helps!