I have bristle worms in my aquarium...


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I hate them they bothered my clams so i put the rock they were in in fresh water till they left. All is better now:lol:


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Ha,ha,ha I like the questions of bristle worms. Their great but if you over feed those things can get BIG!!!! And nasty and scary, I had one get over 15 inches in my 75 gallon tank! Can you say nasty! But they are good as a cleaning crew for sure but don't let them get too big, when that happens start using gloves to move your rock work.


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as far as the worms killing other animals, what they're doing is going after tissue that is dead or dying. They detect it long before we're aware of it. Guilt by association. I agree with the others - they're invaluable cleaners.


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They are Excellent to have and as noted, they can get a bad rap for eating dead or dying tissue.